Good Things Come in Small (Micro) Packages

There's something exciting about the ability to fit important styling tools in your handbag or work tote, wouldn't you agree? The idea that you can equip yourself like the superhero you are with the secret styling weapons you need, well, it's just downright empowering in our eyes. That's why we exist...not for us, but for you. We give you the tools that barely take up space, so YOU can fill a room with your confident, beautiful self. 

The Rescue Kit Company was born from the idea that women need high functioning, reliable tools to quickly solve their problems, and we've been busy creating the products you need to level up your life. 

Our Micro Kits are a portable, travel sized selection of our most popular styling tools. Perfect as stocking stuffers or wedding party gifts, our lightweight linen bags are just the right size to fit anywhere! Read on to learn about the products included, and how you can customize your very own kit for any occasion!

The Micro Kit by The Rescue Kit Company

Travel Size Lint Roller

This adorable and compact lint roller by Flint is the perfect lint-removing travel companion. The sticky paper is exposed by twisting the bottom of the lint roller, and then is twisted back in place once you are done using it, keeping the sticky stuff away from the contents of your bag. The paper rolls are replaceable, making this product not only cost efficient but infinitely reusable as well.

We love it for:

  • Quick on the go lint removal 
  • Leaving at your front door for guests to remove unwelcome pet hair from an overly excited furry friend welcome!

Makeup Face Shield

A favorite of co-founder Jess's, this genius product can travel just about anywhere.

"In the ever-changing and super sunny climate of Colorado, clothing layers and sunscreen are required. Since my sunscreen is tinted, I often have color transfer on my layered tops since I am constantly pulling them on and off. I keep a makeup face shield in my closet and my glove compartment!" -Jess

Lightweight and reusable if you care for it, the makeup face shield slips over your face and hairline, allowing you to pull tops on and off without makeup transfer. It's simple, easy, and saves you from having to wash or dry clean your wardrobe constantly.

We love it for:

  • A handbag companion, especially if you are shopping for new clothes (your local boutique will thank you!)
  • Keeping close by if you are feeling indecisive about what to wear


Another super adaptable styling tool, moleskin, is used to decrease friction by creating a barrier between the body and an irritant. The trick is to stick the moleskin to the ITEM, not your skin. You can easily trim the moleskin down to the size you need. We recommend placing it at the inner heel of a shoe to eliminate rubbing or to achieve a more snug shoe fit, but the sky's the limit on this helpful tool!

We love it for:

  • Covering itchy tags in a pinch
  • Placing under bra straps that are digging into shoulders

Anti-Chafe Balm

Our multi-functional anti-chafe balm by Body Glide is a great precursor to our moleskin. Use Body Glide anywhere you anticipate chafing to avoid irritated skin and blisters, behind your heels or the tops of feet when breaking in new shoes, or between thighs on hot sweaty days. 

We love it for:

  • Greasing sticky zippers
  • Between toes before long, barefoot beach walks

Wrinkle Release

Iron in a Bottle by Tom & Sheri's is a top pick of Risa's. It is the most effective wrinkle release spray we have ever come across! Risa uses it as her go-to product on set both with clients and between takes on her own wardrobe when she's on camera, and it consistently delivers wrinkle-free results. Add in the fact that it is an environmentally friendly and clean product, and you'll agree that this is a styling tool to keep close by at all times.

We love it for:

  • A quick refresh on wrinkled clothes after a long flight
  • A must-have for the transition between sitting and standing during special events

Stain Masking Chalk Stick 

Our stain masking chalk stick is for those last ditch, "oh sh*t!" moments. The one where you've spilled coffee on your brand new, white pants moments before stepping into an interview. Meant to be used as a quick, temporary stain cover up, you simply squeeze the tube to pop it open, and use the masking chalk to literally color over the stain until you have time to wash your clothing item properly. The chalk helps absorb the stain residue while giving a temporary cover up on your white clothing.

We love it for:

  • Covering small grease stains or liquid spots
  • A quick fix before walking down the aisle or during a photo opp

Red Wine Stain Remover

The Hate Stains Co. has created a brilliant wipe, called Chateau Spill, designed specifically to remove red wine stains. This wipe is super saturated so it can cover a large area of spillage on clothing and really works!

We love it for:

  • Any stain really....we've used these for coffee and dirt with great success!

The Micro Kit by The Rescue Kit Company 

We think we have chosen the best items for The Micro Kit, but one of the best things about them is that they are endlessly customizable. Do you have a bachelorette party to attend? Do you need day-of favors for your bridesmaids? Baby shower party gifts? Holiday presents for your besties? We love to work with our customers to find the perfect combination of styling tools for each special occasion.

Our friends at The Sparkle Bar put together super sweet Micro Kits for their brides - complete with a custom chapstick - and Girl About Town has worked with us to create specialty custom Micro Kits for their guests. You can read about our collaboration with Girl About Town in our last blog post, and stay tuned for a fun interview with Alex from The Sparkle Bar coming up next week! 

How do you envision using The Micro Kit? Share your creative ideas in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


Risa + Jess

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