The Closet Kit - Your Newest Closet Staple!

Hi Friends!

We are so proud to introduce our second full size kit, The Closet Kit! Read on to hear about our newest addition - why it was created, how to use it, and who has already discovered the magic of having effective and user friendly styling tools at their fingertips!

The Closet Kit by The Rescue Kit Company


Our first signature kit, The Bride Kit, was designed to make the getting dressed process for brides and their wedding party a breeze. We have had such amazing feedback from our brides and have loved hearing how our kit has saved the day!

The Bride Kit by The Rescue Kit Company

Every bride that's used our kit has shared with us that having the right styling tools allowed for a stress-free day. We're so happy weddings are starting to resume again! 

With all of the craziness and stress in the world right now, our team decided that it made perfect sense to expand our collection to what people were asking for, and to give peace of mind to everyone, not just brides! Every single person deserves to feel like someone's got their back, especially right now.

With the introduction of The Closet Kit, we were able to expand the contents of the box to include even more styling tools with staying power. Our kits are filled with items that are designed to live in your closet, and can be used on repeat to solve fashion emergencies time and time again. 

The Closet Kit by The Rescue Kit Company

The beauty of The Closet Kit is in its simplicity AND effectiveness! We have done the hard work to pull together the professional tools that stylists rely on every single day. Some you may have seen before, and others may be brand new, but together they are designed to be in one place so that you never have to search for a styling tool again. In one comprehensive kit we've included everything you might not know that you need...until it's right there in front of you!


The Closet Kit is a thoughtful expansion of The Bride Kit. We've kept all of our tried and true products from The Bride Kit, and added some new heavy hitters, designed specifically for the every day getting dressed process!

The Closet Kit New Additions

Necklace Extender by Gorjana (female owned and operated)

Have you ever taken off a beautiful necklace because it just doesn't go with the neckline of your outfit? too. Fortunately, the uber-talented jewelry designer, Gorjana, has solved that problem. She's a good friend of ours and we are so honored to carry her necklace extender so you can wear the jewelry you cherish alongside the clothes you love!

Stylist tip: You can use the necklace extender to "fix" a broken clasp, so you can still wear your favorite necklace, even if it's broken! 

The Rescue Kit Company Closet Kit Styling Tool: Gorjana Necklace Extender

Haven't seen Gorjana's amazing collections? Check her out here, and prepare to be obsessed.

Dress Weights by Jillies (female owned and operated)

This is one of our favorite new finds! Jillies created easy to use, reusable dress weights that stick on the bottom of your dresses and skirts to keep everything down where it belongs. We've found these to be useful in so many different ways. They've kept our flowy skirts down in the wind, and our dresses hanging properly for photo shoots. The one-two punch of Jillies Dress Weights and our anti-static spray by Static Schmatic has kept our skirts from clinging to our thighs in dry weather, which everyone is thankful for!

 The Rescue Kit Company Closet Kit Styling Tool: Jillies Dress Weights

Earlobe Support Patches by Lobe Wonder (female owned and operated)

The OG earlobe support patch by Lobe Wonder is one of those products everyone with pierced ears should have in their closet. You can use these amazing little patches with heavy earrings preventatively  to prevent the dreaded earring hole stretch, or if you've already got some stretch going on, you can use them to support your lobes with the heavier earrings you own.

The Rescue Kit Company Closet Kit Styling Tool: Lobe Wonder

Bra Converter Clip

Show of hands, narrow shouldered girls 👋! How about anyone who wants to wear their favorite bra with every single outfit? This product is for you! Small, simple, and brilliant, the bra converter clip slips over the straps of your bra and is positioned on your back between the shoulder blades to convert any regular bra into a racer back bra. It allows you to wear the bras already in your closet with different style shirts.

Stylist tip: This clip can give longevity to that favorite bra with the stretched out straps! It can slide up or down, depending on the shape of the shirt you are wearing, to successfully hide your bra straps as well.

 The Rescue Kit Company The Closet Kit styling tool: Bra Converter Clip

Sweat Pads

We've included these for our extra sweaty sisters, and those who get a little crazy about yellow armpits on their favorite white tees. These pads are designed to stick on to the armpits of your shirts to keep them dry and stain free. They are easy to use and a whole lot less expensive than armpit Botox.

The Rescue Kit Company The Closet Kit styling tool: Sweat Pads 

Shoe Wipes

Sneaker heads unite! These handy wipes are designed specifically to clean up stains on your favorite kicks. Gone are the days of trying to figure out the best way to launder your white sneaks (Dishwasher? Washing machine?). You don't even need water, and these wipes work on all types of sneaker material, from canvas to leather.

 The Rescue Kit Company The Closet Kit styling tool: Sneaker Cleaning Wipes

Sweater De-piller

Nothing makes a sweater look old and worn like pilling. This tool is designed to give sweaters a refresh by sweeping away pills, allowing you to keep your favorite sweaters looking brand new. We specifically chose this tool with a low profile to easily fit in a travel bag, so it can be with you whenever you and your sweaters may roam.

The Rescue Kit Company The Closet Kit styling tool: Sweater De-piller

Latch Hook for Snag Repair

Designed to complement the sweater de-piller, you can file this handy little tool under 'how did I live without it??'. With kids, pets, and every day life happening, sweater snags are inevitable and annoying. This tool reverses the snag and virtually eliminates it!

The Rescue Kit Company The Closet Kit styling tool: Latch Hook


Whatever your experience has been with 2020, we can probably all agree that it wasn't what you had imagined. Most likely it has included some version of the following: a shift to work from home, children engaged in online learning, a job change, loss, or pivot, stress of the unknown, a new perspective on social justice, illness or strategic work to prevent it, or maybe just a newly developed fear of murder hornets. For some it may very well have included everything above and more, so we've decided the theme for the rest of this crazy year is SELF CARE.

For us at The Rescue Kit Company this means an intentional focus on yourself. Prioritizing organizing your life and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good and look good. Finding ways to take care of yourself and the things you value. Stepping into who you are and investing in yourself going into the holiday months and the new year. Gifting yourself, because you can't help others unless you feel good first.

So, who can benefit from The Closet Kit?

Anyone who wants to confidently wear the clothes they own.

Anyone who wants access to a professional stylist's toolbox, at a fraction of the cost of hiring one.

Anyone who is looking for the perfect gift for the family member or friend who already has everything.


Social media influencers.

Event coordinators.

Public figures who are in front of a camera or on stage.

Realtors looking for the perfect closing gift.

Closet and home organizers.

Emerging and seasoned stylists.

Anyone looking for the tools you need to step into your higher self by feeling good when you walk out the door!


Since the launch, we've been lucky enough to be supported by a number of amazing businesses!

Mae and Marie (female owned and operated)

We couldn't be more excited to announce our first retail location for The Closet Kit! You can now find it sold exclusively at Mae and Marie in the heart of Arcadia in Phoenix. Recently the owner of Mae and Marie had the opportunity to use The Bride Kit at a wedding, and it did not disappoint! Read on for a quote from Taucha:

"Your wedding rescue kit was EVERYTHING yesterday!! We used it sooo many times! Well done, you guys literally thought of everything!! We used super glue for the mother of the bride's broken flip flop, deodorant remover sponge, sewing kit for the little scissors, safety pins and static remover. Seriously loved it! We would say, look in the Rescue Kit when we needed something!" 

Girl About Town (female owned and operated)

We think that everything Girl About Town does is pure gold, so we were beyond thrilled when they started carrying our kits on their portal! You can now add The Closet Kit, The Bride Kit, and a number of our custom Micro Kits to any of their concierge experiences. It's a perfect addition to a getaway where you might not have any style emergency tools on hand.

 Girl About Town carries kits by The Rescue Kit Company

At List (female owned and operated)

Through Girl About Town we were introduced to ATLIST, a brilliant company that offers a unique online platform for vacation rentals and concierge services to elevate the customer experience for guests. Keep an eye out for more collaborations with ATLIST and The Rescue Kit Company, and if you are a vacation rental owner, definitely check them out!

Story Essentials (female owned and operated) & The Scout Guide (female owned and operated)

Risa was on set for recently for an editorial photo shoot with Story Essentials & The Scout Guide, and she went prepared with a kit to make sure nothing went wrong on set. She ended up having to use a black bobby pin that stayed hidden on a black blazer dress, which worked perfectly for one of the models! 

Risa, from RISTYLE Consulting, works on a model at The Scout Guide's editorial photo shoot

Home For the Holidays Media Event 

We were thrilled to be a part of the 5th Annual Home For The Holidays media event hosted by Mandy Holmes (The Real Housewife of Scottsdale) at local Phoenix fave, The Vintage Arcadia. Top media outlets and bloggers were invited to review brands for potential gift guides in their upcoming publications, and it was a great way for us to showcase our kits to the best in the business! 

Risa showing The Closet Kit to the media at The Home For The Holidays Event

How you can find it?

Are you ready to start solving your own style emergencies? You can find The Closet Kit here, with a full list of what is included. Ready to dive even deeper? We have a great guide on our website that goes into the tips and tricks for each of our products as well. 

We have a special discount code running through the end of the month for The Closet Kit. Just enter CLOSET10 at checkout to receive 10% off. You can use it as much as you want!

Curious about our kits or how a specific stying tool works? We love to answer questions! Hit us up at and we will get right back to you!

Thanks for reading!

xo, risa + jess

Photography: Fully Alive Photography, Nicole Bowman Photography, Girl About Town