The Future of Weddings: What Wedding Professionals are Saying

If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it's that life is unpredictable! With all the uncertainty around weddings right now, we thought we could help our brides by reaching out to industry experts who are on the ground, working and pivoting every day.
Here are some event planners, photographers, bridal gown designers, accessory designers, and bridal coaches who have a pulse on the future of weddings! Read on for their experiences, words of encouragement, and predictions for the world of weddings in the time of COVID.

 Hayley Paige


Bridal Designer and Podcast Host 


"This unprecedented time has demanded some major patience and pivoting for engaged couples out there. I really feel a responsibility to be an advocate for their future celebration and encourage them to not lose enthusiasm for their special day or adjusted plans. Celebrating love is a moment that should never be taken away or canceled. I believe there is real joy found in expressing gratitude for what we do have and what we have to look forward to.

I think this is also a time in which real character is forged. It’s important to remember that where resources fall short, we can still be resourceful and find joy in working as a team. Marriage is all about being a team, after all! I've been telling couples to keep your sense of humor where you can because this will be quite the story to tell down the road. These couples are honestly making history."

- Hayley Paige

 Fully Alive Photography


Wedding Photographer


“The biggest change I am seeing moving forward with weddings is that couples are doing more elopements and small intimate gatherings. Most of my couples to the fall and spring are looking at a very small intimate gathering with closest friends and family -and many elopements in Sedona and surrounding mountain areas. Honestly I’m really excited about the change.”

- Tracy Battaglia

 The Marry Mart


Curated Wedding Events for The Modern Bride


“I think the idea of a big grand wedding will fade for a while; but the focus will shift to small intimate celebrations with set ups for families to attend virtually. But with that the opportunity to create remote micro experiences for families to join the celebration together whether through only video or a wedding deliverable of some kind; feeling together no matter the proximity.” 

- Amelia Walsh 

Sara Brosious  


Bridal Accessories Designer & Store Owner


“My first mask sale was for a bride located in France, having a small intimate ceremony at her house which I think is really special. I definitely see the size of weddings changing for the long haul. From an accessory design perspective, I felt the need to make beautiful bridal masks and accessories for these intimate affairs. I created elegant headscarves and headbands to coordinate with the masks. I believe Covid brides should not have to give up fashion for function and protection on their wedding day.”

 - Sara Brosious 

BTS Event Management 


Worldwide Wedding Planning Company


"We are all living in such a crazy time right now and life is changing drastically for everyone in every way. This certainly is not excluding weddings. Couples are making huge changes with their weddings and we’d live to share with you the main changes we are seeing: 

-location: geographically, brides are uprooting their weddings to places and states that are open and easy and safe for their guests to travel to or we are seeing a lot of brides that are just planning a more simplistic route and having their wedding in their backyard

-size: guest count seems to be staying around a 75 person and below mark but this is heavily dependent on the current laws and regulations 

-meaning: brides are focused more on why they are getting married vs. who is all attending or how elaborate the details will be. Don’t get me wrong, brides these days still want a gorgeous setting, but a lot of the pressure for perfection has calmed and the main focus is just on the actual reasons for marriage, which I think is amazing". 

 - Trista Croce

 Prim Rentals


Wedding Rental Company 


"Our industry is always changing in terms of trends and style, however we have been put to the test in the last 6 months with much bigger changes than we could have imagined. We have been forced to become more flexible, more adaptable and more empathetic. I have put myself in the shoes of our couples and truly my heart goes out to each one of them. We have couples postponing, cancelling, decreasing guest list, changing venues. But through all of this madness and uncertainty there IS and will ALWAYS be LOVE. With Love (and a little bit of patience) I believe that we will see weddings and celebrations come back with vengeance very soon. Love Wins."

- Lara McDonald

 Jenn Leigh


Life & Bridal Coach 


"My heart goes out to all the couples who have had to postpone their wedding. The biggest pivot I have seen is the shift in their perspective and how they can use this time for their good. Going inward to reflect and trust that their dream wedding is STILL happening with a deeper level of love and connection than ever before. After being in quarantine guests are going to be so ready to get dressed up and celebrate all the love in the most magical way ever regardless of when the new date is! Cheers and Congratulations to all the beautiful couples!"

 - Jenn Leigh 

Imoni Events


Wedding & Event Planning


"Our couples are mostly planning destination weddings, so in order to put their guests at ease they are moving their wedding destination from Arizona to a state with a lot less cases. Since their guest have to travel anyway, we are helping them travel to a location that is just as pretty but can accommodate travelers without the worry of extreme COVID contact.

Many of our couples are opting to do a small, intimate wedding with just immediate family followed by a nice dinner party. Then we are moving their big celebration to 2021 where they can safely invite all their friends and family to party without fear of the virus spreading at their event."

- Jenni Thye & Sarrah Gaboury

 Bloom and Blueprint


Event Planning Company 


"We are seeing many of our couples pivot their plans to a more intimate ceremony and dinner on their original wedding date and postponing their larger celebration to a one year anniversary party and vow renewal. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate their first year of marriage! 

For our clients that are not postponing, we are seeing sanitation stations, customized masks to match the design, and seating/flow accommodations to best protect their guests.

No matter the size, location, original date, new date... you can bet B+B will bring the magic for our clients. We are 100% committed to pivoting with fresh ideas on how to make things work no matter what our clients decide." 

- Kate & Erika

 Konsider it Done


Wedding Planning Company 


"If I'm being completely honest (which is really all I know how to be), I think the wedding industry as a whole was getting a bit out of hand.  As a vendor, it constantly felt like everyone was trying to outdo each other and we often found our clients feeling this pressure as well.  I think with all of these unknowns and new guidelines put in place due to this pandemic, we've all been given a nice reality check.  We are finding that our clients are remembering why they were getting married in the first place.  Weddings might look and feel a bit different, but the actual love between the two people getting married is still the same (and is the reason for it all)."

- Kris Zeman

 Justine Fritz


Wedding Planning Company 


"Large guest lists might be a thing of the past but, I am getting super psyched for Adventure Elopements! They require the same amount of detailed planning that come with large scale events but with a smaller guest list and a ton of style. Think helicopter transport to mountain top nuptials followed by table side Chief prepared meals. These timelines allow for flexibility and lots more golden hour wedding photos, producing magazine worthy wedding pictures. Any number of smaller micro receptions can follow an Adventure Elopement, giving the bride and groom tons of quality time with their guests. Having a few micro receptions might even help with the post wedding blues; that let down that sometimes happens when you realize one of the best days of your life has come and gone. My favorite new trend is taking a few weekends to celebrate with family and friends in a unique and incredibly impactful way. The possibilities are truly endless."

- Justine Fritz

cover pc: Marisa Belle Photography