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Dress Weights by Jillies


You don't plan to have your dress fly up - it just happens! Jillies dress weights are reusable, stick on weights to keep skirts and dresses down in the wind.

This best-selling kit is a purse-sized instant solution to give you peace of mind in windy conditions.

Kit Includes: 4 dress weights & 1 carrying case


Easy to Use: Fabric-safe adhesive sticks to the inside hem of your dress, skirt, or flowy top. 

Reusable: Reusable & sticky enough for several all-day uses and are flat, thin, and coated in a soft & smooth finish so they won't bother you. 

How to Use: Jillies stick to a card inside the case. Just remove the Jillies from the card and stick them to the inside hem of your dress or skirt. Place them back onto the card for reuse.

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