The Rescue Kit Company

Button + Bustle Hook

The Button + Bustle Hook by The Rescue Kit company is designed to help brides secure their gowns with ease. No more worry about spending time fastening a bulky, heavy bustle or fumbling with the buttons on your dress! This hook will help fasten and unfasten buttons quickly, allowing for quick dress changes, give relief to tired hands and fingers, and decrease the transfer of sweat, oils, and lotions onto the back of the dress. A must-have for all wedding gowns with buttons or bustles.

How to use: For the tiny buttons on the back of the wedding dress or bustle. DON'T pull upward on the elastic. Rather, pull OVER the button. Use your free hand to push the button closer to the loop so you are not over stretching the elastic. Take your time, and be gentle! 

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