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The Photo Shoot Kit


Snag the Swag Bag Kit of the stars!

We are proud to be part of the "Everyone Wins" Nominee Gift Bags honoring the year's best and brightest stars. These gift bags are given to Oscar® nominees in the major acting and directing categories, and now it can be yours too! 

Calling all influencers! This kit was designed in conjunction with photographers and videographers to support both the people behind the lens and the ones in front of it. Filled with the styling tools most utilized at photo shoots, The Photo Shoot Kit is a must have for anyone who spends time in front of (or behind!) the camera.

Perfect for: influencers, family photo shoots, photographers, videographers, models, bloggers, event coordinators.


Standard Sewing Kit
Pre-Threaded Needles
Flour Sack Cloth
Disposable Gloves
Deodorant Removing Sponge
Wrinkle Release Spray
Stain Removing Wipes 
Travel Lint Roller
Static Removing Spray
Makeup Face Shield
Silicone Nipple Covers (two skin tones available)
Double Stick Tape
Silicone Travel Straw
Shoe Wipes
Hair + Pin Kit
Bra Clip
Sweat Pads
Lens Cloth
Signature Satin Drawstring Bag
Carry Bag (with handles)


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