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The Photo Shoot Kit

This kit was designed based on the requests from our photographers, videographers, and influencers who love The Closet Kit! The Photo Shoot Kit has all of the essential styling tools that professionals have on set or location. Each tool has been chosen to help style or problem solve fashion mishaps so you can get that perfect shot, every single time. Take a look at what you'll find inside, as well as some tips and tricks to get the most use out of each product. You can relax and get the job done, knowing we've got your back (and front!)!

What is it: Alcohol Wipe

How To Use: This is your pre-cleanse wipe to get rid of residual lotions, oils, or perfumes for a great application! On clean, dry skin, apply wipe to the area you plan to use double stick tape. Allow to dry before applying the tape! Note: make sure you apply to unbroken skin!

Quick Tip: These wipes are great for removing any sticky residue anywhere! We recommend keeping them in a cool dry spot so they don't dry out and are ready to use at any time. 


What is it: Deodorant Removing Sponge

How To Use: Hold fabric taut and use the sponge (DRY ONLY) to gently rub spot until deodorant is gone. 

Quick Tip: Never wet the sponge! You can also use this as a quick lint remover in a pinch. 

What is it: Rescue Tape

How To Use: Peel the backing off and adhere tape to garment or directly onto clean skin. Gently smooth fabric so tape doesn't pucker or wrinkle. 

Quick Tip: We recommend adhering tape to skin for dress line or top taping. If using as a quick hem repair, we suggest removing the garment first and taping on a flat surface. The more you handle the tape, the less sticky it will become so keep that in mind when using. If it folds to itself, it's very hard to straighten it back out, so when you're about to use you can hang it off the end of a finger to keep it from sticking to itself or anything around you! 

What is it: Hair & Pin Kit 

How To Use: Simply grab and go! We designed this specifically to meet your "pinning" needs. 

Quick Tip: Clear elastics can also be used to keep a knot in your favorite tee for a more cropped look or for a quick ponytail. Use the corsage pins on a wedding day for a boutonniere, to keep a bouquet ribbon in place, or even to pin an article of clothing for a hem reference for your tailor.  

What is it: Lint Roller (Flint) 

How To Use (mini): Twist up to open, push down to close

How To Use (full size): Twist the handle to open and expose lint removing sheets. Twist the opposite way to close. 

Quick Tip: Store in your purse, car, or carry-on for quick and easy use!


What is it: Makeup Face Shield

How To Use: This product prevents makeup transfer from face to clothing. Remove the shield from packaging and carefully place over the front of your face with the elastic part around your hairline. Slip your shirt or dress over your head.

Quick Tip: We always suggest applying lipstick/gloss AFTER you've used this shield so you can get multiple uses out of it. Store back in it's package or a ziplock bag for multiple uses!


What is it: Silicone Nipple Covers

How To Use: Remove protective plastic sheet, place over nipples, and get dressed! 

Quick Tip: Make sure skin is free of lotions or oils before applying for best results. If you're using any kind of body tape product, we suggest wearing these as a protective barrier. If you are sensitive to silicones, we recommend a trial run. As always, if you experience irritation, stop using immediately.


What is it: Pre-threaded Needles

How To Use: Simply grab and go! Match one of the commonly used colors with your garment and start stitching. 

Quick Tip: These are located inside the sewing kit. Don't forget to tie a small knot on both sides of the thread (once you cut to your desired length) for a secure stitch. To learn how to thread a needle just in case your thread slips out, head to our blog post. 

What is it: Protective Gloves

How To Use: Simply put on and go! 

Quick Tip: These are located inside the folded towel in your Kit. They are latex and powder free, but we still don't recommend using after a fresh manicure as condensation will naturally occur. Great for use with any of our glues, when using wipes or even when handling delicate fabrics you don't want oils to get on! 


What is it: Sewing Kit 

How To Use: Simply thread the included needle with the color of your choice and you're off and running! 

Quick Tip: Look inside for your already pre-threaded needle kit for a quick stitch with a commonly used color. We recommend keeping this kit as organized as you can so you're ready for anything! 

What is it: Silicone Straw

How To Use: Remove from keychain, hand wash before use, and you're good to go! 

Quick Tip: Bring with you for special events to keep your lipstick in place and avoid liquid spills. Store in keychain for easy, discreet use. 

What is it: Stain Removing Wipes (Emergency Stain Rescue Little Red Wipe) 

How To Use: Prep the affected area with a small amount of water, treat stain with wipe and rinse. Launder or dry clean as needed and if you can't launder immediately, be sure to rinse thoroughly. 

Quick Tip: If you're treating a stain on-the-go and need to get back to the crowd, allow stain to dry or use a hair dryer to hide the wet spot. Bonus tip: If your garment is white, allow stain to fully dry after being treated and use our stain masking stick to temporarily cover stain to get you through your day! 


What is it: Static Removing Spray (Static Schmatic)

How To Use: Spritz generously on the inside of fabrics to eliminate static. 

Quick Tip: Since this is an all-natural, hypo-allergenic product, it's safe to use even on your hair! 


What is it: Tissues

How To Use: Simply grab and go! For the snotty, happy tears. 

Quick Tip: Keep sealed for best results. Can also be used to blot liquid spills.

What is it: Towel

How To Use: For all the spills and messes, use the ultra-absorbent towel included in your Kit. 

Quick Tip: Wash and dry before use for best results. 


What it is: Wrinkle Smoother (Tom & Sheri's Iron in a Bottle)

How To Use: Spray 8-12 inches away from the garment in a sweeping motion until wrinkles on the front and back are slightly damp. Shake garment out, then smooth with a clean, dry hand. Let garment dry completely before wearing. 

Quick Tip: We love hanging garment on a hanger as opposed to laying flat.


What is it: Shoe Wipes 

How To Use: Remove wipe from packet and use until moisture is gone and shoes are clean. 

Quick Tip: For a squeaky clean look, dry shoes with your Rescue Kit cloth before they fully dry from the wipe! Keep wipes in a cool, dry spot for best results. 


What is it: Bra Converter Clip

How To Use: Slip bra straps in the back into clip to create a racerback look to hide straps!

Quick Tip: The key to a comfortable fit is to make sure you loosen the bra straps enough so they aren't too tight on your skin. You should be able to adjust the position of the clip according to the shape of the top you're wearing, so it's as high or low on your back as you'd like. Use a mirror to see behind you if you are struggling!

What is it: Sweat Pads

How To Use: Simply peel backings and adhere to inside of your shirt to protect from sweat. 

Quick Tip: In a pinch, one sweat pad would also work tucked into your bra to help absorb cleavage sweat!

What is it: Lens Cleaning Cloth

How To Use: Use dry or with lens cleaning spray to get your sunnies or specs sparkly clean!

Quick Tip: Have a groomsmen slip one of these into his pocket for quick touch ups if you're doing pictures with your sunglasses on!