Stain Removing Spray (Fragrance Free, Dye Free)

California Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017


Water | 7732-18 | Solvent
Alkoxylated Alcohols | Withheld | Surfactants & Cleaning Agents
Aliphatic Polyol | Withheld | Cleaning & Stain Removal
Alkali Metal Sulfite | Withheld | Color Reducer
Alkali Metal Chelate | Withheld | Water Softener
Ethanol | 64-17-5 | Degreaser
Methanol (<0.025% w/w) | 67-56-1 | Degreaser
Polyether Alcohol | Withheld | Surfactant
Alkali Metal Base | Withheld | pH adjuster


Storage: Store in a closed
container. Do not mix bleach
or any other household
cleaners or chemicals directly
with Stain Rx. As with other
household products, this may
cause unsafe chemical
reactions. Avoid contact with
food and replace cap when
not in use. Store at room
temperature and do not store
on non-compatible painted,
wooden or other porous
surfaces. May cause dry skin
and/or irritation. Clean skin
with soap and water then
apply hand cream and
discontinue use.

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