A Travel Sewing Kit Will Save Your Wedding Day!

Risa explains the sewing kit, plus her favorite item in there!

"A sewing kit has saved me on set and on location for weddings on numerous occasions. I've had brides tell me they wouldn't have walked down the aisle had I not been there to sew a broken zipper, and have had mothers of the brides/grooms almost miss walking down the aisle because of sewing scares. My experiences involving knowing how to use a sewing kit and perform quick fixes are a huge part of why we created The Bride Kit. It's SO important to be prepared! Keep reading to hear one of my former bridesmaids recap a quick story where a sewing kit was key."  - Risa

"We were at my sister-in-law’s wedding, and she was getting married on a remote beach. The ceremony was running behind, so we had to wait an extra 45 minutes. My nephew was one of the ring bearers, and as we all waited to walk down the aisle, we were keeping them busy doing dance moves so the kids wouldn’t get too antsy.

My nephew was showing off his super awesome break dancing split moves….and completely ripped his pants, right up the seam on his bottom. To make matters worse he was in an anti-underwear stage (shout out to the three year-olds) so he had a full tush showing and being a summer wedding, they were in short sleeve shirts...we had nothing to tie around his waist.

He was embarrassed and crying (and refusing to walk down the aisle), and of course we didn’t have an extra set of pants! We did however have the travel sewing kit and the pre-threaded needles. We were able to use the black threaded needle to do a quick stitch to keep the pants together long enough for him to make it down the aisle, and then before the reception we pulled the full sewing kit out and did a better job of making the seam tear-proof.

I honestly don’t know what we would have done without those two items. There is no way he would have walked down the aisle. The pre-threaded needles were such a life saver. We were so stressed out I’m not sure any of us could have threaded a needle with our sweaty, shaky hands!"

Our resident sartorialist, who happens to be our mom (hello, family!) gives a quick overview of what's in a travel sewing kit.


The magic of a travel sewing kit on an event day cannot be understated. It is small, lightweight, compact, and yet holds over 25 items specifically designed to fix most sewing emergencies. Wedding day stylists would never work an event without one, and most likely you will need it just at the last minute and in an unexpected way

Video tutorial of how to do a quick, simple stitch.

For more video tutorials on how to use your travel sewing kit, click here.

 Here are a few examples of how a travel sewing kit can save the day.

Fixing a Dress Strap

Spaghetti straps on a dress are beautiful and simple, but they are held on by a thread (literally!), and often are the first on a dress to come apart. Fortunately a needle and thread, that matches the color of the dress, are all you need to make things right again! If you have a bridesmaid that knows how to sew, have her help, or in a pinch it is something you can do on your own.

Off the Rack Bridesmaids Dresses

Finding a beautiful dress at a retail store and having your bridesmaids pick them up at their leisure is a great way to keep their wardrobe inexpensive and accessible. The downside is twofold, however. One, retail store purchases don’t often come with tailoring as an option, so it is up to your bridesmaids to make sure they get the correct alterations. Two, depending on where you choose to get the dresses, the quality of fabric and workmanship can vary. A sewing kit is priceless if you need to fix a loose seam or create a quick hem.

The Gentlemen

One of the more unique and elegant aspects of men’s formal wear is a shirt that requires cufflinks. Men’s shirts with a french cuff, or even fancier, a single cuff, have holes instead of buttons. If cufflinks are forgotten or one is lost, a quick and easy solution is to loop some thread the same color through the hole to keep the shirt together at the cuff.

Sewing Kit Tips

- Make sure you have it with you at all times! Put a trusted bridal party member or your wedding coordinator in charge of the carry bag that holds the styling tools from The Bride Kit, or one of the small drawstring linen bags with your essentials, until it is time to walk down the aisle.

- Keep it organized. The beauty of having The Bride Kit ahead of time is that you can use it for all of your wedding related events. If the sewing kit sees some action prior to your wedding day, take a few minutes to reorganize and refill as needed. Nothing is more stressful than tangled thread or missing needles when you need them in a pinch!

Happy planning!

Risa + Jess


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