Wedding Day Styling: Heroes and The Sewing Kit Part 2

The Rescue Kit Company was built on the idea of empowerment. We intrinsically understand that if women are given the correct tools, they can solve any problem. We have had the absolute pleasure of hearing story after story of how our brides and their wedding day team have used the items in their kit (in both expected and unexpected ways!) to solve wedding day warms our hearts to see the creativity and ingenuity of women who know how to get it done!

We have also heard stories from our brides about weddings getting postponed, and we are devastated by this interruption of such a happy, momentous time. We are in unprecedented, uncertain times right now during this pandemic. However, if you turn on the news or open your browser, you can see countless heroic stories of the helpers in this world who are doing their small part to make things better. In keeping with our sewing kit theme we’d like to highlight one particular group of people, and one person in particular.

masks for coronavirus

While faced with a shortage of masks for our healthcare workers, the seamstresses, tailors, and artists of the world have taken on that not-so-small challenge and are currently creating masks out of anything on hand. People are creating sewing armies, using 3D printers, and posting patterns for anyone who has a sewing machine and some extra fabric and elastic hanging around.

Celebrities and designers are jumping in too....check out this growing list of mask tutorials and inspirational stories from people we know and love!

Kate Hudson

Kristen Bell

Christian Siriano

Michael Costello

Hayley Paige


Our co-founder Jess, recently had a conversation with a dear college friend who is a PA in Massachusetts. They were talking about how she had to send her family away to live with her mom, because their hospital was almost out of personal protective equipment, and she didn’t have a way to protect herself or her loved ones at home. When they hung up Jess called her mom, Cindi, an avid seamstress, to see if there was any way for her to create masks from leftover materials in her sewing room. Her mom replied, “I’ve been sewing masks for weeks!”. (Of course she had!) After a quick conversation and some address exchanges, Jess received a text a few hours later, “Mailing out 21 masks right now! Will do more this week!”.

cindi's masks

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of the helpers out there who are looking beyond the fear and uncertainty of this moment, and are lending their skills to help others. And, it turns out, knowing how to sew is really, really helpful! See below for a few more tutorials on how to use the items in the sewing kit, narrated by our amazing mom. And for all those brides out there who are experiencing the heartbreak of a delayed wedding, our hearts are with you. Hang in there!

how to use the needle threader  

how to use the pre-threaded needle kit

how to sew a button

how to use a seam ripper

how to use a thimble


Risa + Jess


image and video credits:

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