How to Make Rental Fashion Work For You

Do you Rent The Runway? Love your monthly Stitch Fix? Here at The Rescue Kit Company we are huge fans of rental clothing companies. Not only do they keep you in the most current style, but they allow you to get creative without too much risk, and keep closet clutter to a minimum. Not to mention, these companies have been found to have a smaller environmental footprint than fast fashion, and save you money. What's not to love? happy you asked. Choosing a dress or a fabulous pair of designer pants online can be a challenge! Without the ability to alter clothing to your body type, you are stuck with the clothing as it comes. We are big believers in reading all of the customer reviews and choosing styles that flatter your figure, but what if the fit is still off? Or, if you are hoping to explore something new and fun? That's where styling tools make their grand entrance.

Styling tools are often overlooked, but their ability to pull an outfit together is enormous. They are often inexpensive and reusable, and having an arsenal of the heavy hitters in your closet can make the clothing rental process even easier! Read on for common problems with ill-fitting clothing, and our recommendations to make every outfit work for you.

1. Long Hem

Using Rescue Tape, fold the hemline of the garment (not on the body) to your desired length and begin to tape. This is a quick fix for temporary wear, and we recommend this for jumpsuits and pants - since it's less surface area to cover with the tape. Dresses may prove a little harder to hide the tape, but if the fabric is durable enough, you might just get away with it! This is a great quick fix that will get you through for a short term need. 

2. Slipping Straps and Gaping Clothing 

Rescue Tape for the win, yet again! If your straps are slipping and they aren't adjustable, simply use a folded strip of Rescue Tape to secure them on your shoulders (and you can tape them on your back too). The tape is clear and should stay well hidden! For gaping clothing, rinse and repeat with the tape! Be sure to have clean, dry skin and apply Rescue Tape to the area you want to adhere your fabric. This is a great way to get the look of a perfect fit, even if your garment wasn't tailored to your body. 

3. Exposed Bra Straps 

If the silhouette allows for it, you can use a bra clip to eliminate exposed straps and give you a more secure hold under your garment. Adjust the clip up and down your straps depending on how wide you want the racerback to be. This is a great fix for dresses or tops that cut in near your arm holes and that have high necklines. Tape can also be used the adhere the bra strap to the garment, so they move as one.

4. Wrinkles and Static 

Often times when we're renting pieces they come shipped just in time for you to try, and wear soon after. If you're cutting it close to your event date, you might not have time (or access) to a steamer or dry cleaner to get it pressed. Simply spray the wrinkle release and use a brushing motion with your hand to get pesky shipping wrinkles out before you head out the door. Another safe to use spray when you're not sure what you're getting with fabric, is Static Schmatic. This is a great, non-toxic spray that helps eliminate static that might come as a result of clothing being bagged in plastic. 

5. Deodorant Marks and Makeup Transfer

In most cases, items from a rental company SHOULD come makeup and mark free, however, when you're trying on you might be the culprit for marking something up if you're not prepared. Every time you put something over your head to try on, you absolutely need a makeup face shield! This way your makeup stays perfectly intact, your garment stays clean and ready to wear, and you're not responsible for any staining or damage to the garment. We recommend putting deodorant on AFTER you get dressed if you can, but if that's unavoidable, make sure you have a deodorant removing sponge handy and ready to use when putting your garments on. Just briskly rub any spots that get marked until the white residue disappears, and you're good to go without damaging the clothing. 

6. Non Bra-Friendly Silhouette 

Have you ever gone to rent or purchase a piece and in your excitement, you forgot to scroll through ALL the images of it, only to learn when it arrives on your doorstep that it's backless? Or perhaps you knew what you were getting but had NO idea how you'd troubleshoot a cut-out or asymmetrical garment? That's exactly what nipple covers and boob tape are for. We highly recommend using these items together (or just the covers on their own if that will suffice) for a protected and seamless look. Don't let a fun style deter you from stepping outside your comfort zone and having a little fun with your fashion! 

We hope this helps you be dressed and ready for your next wedding, soiree, or birthday bash! You can find all of these styling tools easily. If you are looking for a one-and-done option, you can check out The Closet Kit, which carries all of these styling tools plus many more!


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