How To Use Anti-Static Spray On Your Wedding Day

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Today we are talking about what happens when you combine dry air + lightweight fabric. Hint: the results aren't exactly awesome.


Well, to be more specific, static cling, which turns out to be one of the biggest wardrobing battles of bridal parties everywhere. 

For a long time the only quick fix was to use an aerosol spray that smelled awful and was loaded with chemicals to boot. Fortunately, in our relentless search to find items that not only work but that are safe for our clients and customers, we stumbled across an amazing mother-daughter duo that has made it their mission to keep static removing spray safe and clean for everyone. We approached them about a collab, and our amazing Anti-Static Spray for Wedding Attire was born!

We are seriously so excited to talk about this is one of our favorite items in The Bride Kit for so many works, it is safe, the list goes on and on.

Normally we would break down exactly how to use this amazing spray, but we thought you'd like to hear directly from the static removing experts!

We know when you read our interview with Static Schmatic founders Kris and Whitney you will love them (and their products!) as much as we do! 


Risa + Jess (R+J): Tell us your story! How did you come to create this amazing product?

Kris + Whitney (K+W): Kris and I are a mother/daughter team, and she has more static than anyone we’ve ever known! Once I started having children, we both were horrified at the chemicals and toxins in the products available. Right before my third child was born, we got the urge to create our own spray and found this amazing natural chemist. We were in Aspen, he was in Boulder, so he sent us different natural formulations to test, and we tested them all on our young family! 

When we finally found “the one”, we gave it to our friends in local clothing stores to try it out. Instantly there was a strong demand, and when they sprayed it on customers trying on staticky clothes in staticky fitting rooms, their customers were thrilled to see how well the clothes relaxed, and they were eager to buy Static Schmatic!

Before we knew it, we had a product and needed to start a business. Today Static Schmatic continues to expand to retailers and fitting rooms in the US and Great Britain. We remain true to our family business values and involve everyone within our family. We also work with an incredible team through our natural chemist in Boulder, Colorado. Being raised by a single mom, he hires single moms who make the daily logistics for Static Schmatic happen. Everything is made in small batches and almost everything about Static Schmatic, like our natural ingredients to our hand-applied labels, is made in the USA.

R+J: Have you reached an audience that really surprised you?

K+W: Yes, the pet audience! In fact, when we started we only had a Clothes spray, but after we received so many questions from pet owners wondering if they could spray Static Schmatic on their dogs and cats, we decided to make a special spray just for them. It’s one of our best sellers. We love our furry friends, so we’re thrilled to naturally eliminate pesky static on their fur, beds and cozy blankets.

R+J: That's incredible! Our customers are brides, or professionals who work with them during all of their wedding related events. How would you recommend your product is used in that arena?

K+W: Ok, picture this: It’s a cold Saturday in November, and we’ve just created Static Schmatic. Kris is in Connecticut for her friend’s daughter’s wedding. The bridal party is gathered for photos and static is wreaking havoc on all of the dresses. Even some of the groomsmens’ pants are clinging to their socks. Static is a terrible look on everyone. Kris gets a call from the mother of the bride that they need Static Schmatic. Fast. A black Mercedes pulls into the valet area of Kris’ hotel, the back seat window goes down while a hand reaches out. The bottle gets passed, the hand and window retract and the car speeds away. The pictures are gorgeous and the wedding party was freed from their clingy clothes.

Static Schmatic is a lifesaver for the biggest day of your life. It’s safe to use on delicate fabrics like silk and satin (just don’t saturate), and it’s shockingly effective at eliminating cling on dresses, skirts, pant legs, veils and even on staticky tablecloths and napkins.

R+J: We love that, and we are all about lifesaving products! Any interesting Static Schmatic tips or tricks that the average person might not know about?

K+W: Static Schmatic is most effective when you spray in between layers and on the inside of fabrics. We recommend spraying as you fold laundry out of the dryer. That way pieces are ready to go when you are. If a dress or top is especially staticky, it’s great to spray the inside before you even put it on. Static Schmatic is also excellent for eliminating painful sparks in linens and bedding. Just spray your sheets when you put them back on your bed, and you’ll have a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

R+J: As a sister team, we can fully get behind a family business. How is it working together?

K+W: We love that you know how fabulous this is, too! We love it! We balance each other so much. Kris has beautiful design sense as an interior designer, and she tackles the big picture/vision so well. Whitney handles the day-to-day marketing, branding and overall communication operations. Kris also likes to shop and is known for expanding our retailer relationships because people love her. As she tries on clothes, she shows the sales associates how effective Static Schmatic is at eliminating static on clingy clothes in fitting rooms. We seriously add many new retailers that way...we just send Kris shopping! We also rope in my sister as our model when she’ll let us. She’s the gorgeous blonde in our photos!

R+J: These are weird, weird times. As a small business, how (if at all) have you had to pivot or reposition your brand? Any interesting stories to share about how Covi-19 has changed things for you?

K+W: Our hearts go out to everyone who is struggling due to Covid-19. Fortunately, our business has continued. We have an incredibly dedicated, small team in Boulder, and we are beyond grateful they can continue to fill orders. As for our home office in Salt Lake City, between homeschooling four children, working and family time, we’re all pitching in and helping one another in whatever ways are needed. We recently had an inquiry from one of our dream retailers (fingers crossed they select our line) so my kids helped us put together the sample box and get it out the door. It’s really important to our family that my kids experience how goals, optimism, dedication and good old hard work really do get you to the next step and beyond.


We loved chatting with the founders of Static Schmatic, and are so proud to work with brands both big and small. A special thank you to Kris + Whitney, and we hoped you enjoyed learning more about their company as much as we love having them in The Bride Kit!


Risa & Jess


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