How To Keep Your Clothes Clean and Makeup Free For All Your Wedding Events!

The Glam + Garment Shield is one of the styling tools that we simply cannot exist without. It is simple, effective, weighs next to nothing, and even though it is sold as a single use item, we use our personal ones over and over (don't tell!). It is one of the cornerstone items of The Bride Kit -  not because it is glamorous or flashy, but because the one-two punch of effectiveness and usability makes it invaluable for any bride (or her girls) at any event where there is makeup, hairspray, and fine fabrics.

Here are our favorite ways to use The Glam + Garment Shield for any wedding related event!

 Model wears The Glam + Garment Shield from The Rescue Kit Company to prevent makeup transfer onto clothing

1.  The Glam + Garment Shield is designed to cover your face so makeup doesn't transfer to you clothing when you're pulling something on the proper way to wear it is over your face with the elastic sitting gently over the top of your head. There is a generous amount of room to accommodate most hair styles, but you can also pull it closer to the hairline as needed. 

2. We highly recommend WAITING to apply any lipstick or lipgloss until after you've used it so you can pass it to a bridesmaid or bestie if needed in the getting-ready room. You can even tuck it back into the box and reuse it in your closet for daily dressing (or even bring with you into dressing rooms)! Most makeup won't adhere to it, but beware of glosses, (they likely will) so if you plan to reuse it, apply your gloss last!

3. If you're hair spraying your hair for those final touches, you can also put it on to shield your face from spray!

4. The Glam + Garment Shield is incredibly helpful for multiple outfit fittings or changes, so be sure to have it close by for your events leading up to your wedding day. Bring it along not only for yourself, but also for your bridesmaids on your big day, just in case someone needs it. 

5. If you have a dress that has a high neckline, you can also re-purpose this and use it to tuck into the top of your neckline during any last minute touch-ups so you avoid getting foundation on the top of the dress. 

The moral of the story? We're here to protect you and all your hard work to have makeup-free moments leading up to, and on the day of your wedding. It's our mission, our passion, and our purpose to provide you with the tools, so you feel prepared for anything that may come your way. 


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