Wondering How to Prepare For Your Wedding? Try Bridal Life Coaching.

Ahhhh, clarity. We all strive to have it, but it's amazing how clear, amazing, 20/20 vision often only comes in hindsight. This is especially true when you are heading for a brand new experience! Add in family dynamics, different opinions, a budget that not everyone agrees on, an overload of options (Venue choice! Color scheme!), and the often-daunting task of the guest list, and you've found the perfect recipe for an overwhelmed bride. Brides often find that their true purpose and feelings get lost in the mix of options and minute details. 

It's enough for even the most level headed bride to feel under water.

Enter Jenn Leigh, Life Coach For Brides. Jenn leads brides to find their voice and become the best version of themselves so they can confidently walk down the aisle in their dream dress and own it.

We had the good fortune of spending a (virtual) hour chatting with Jenn. Both of us were blown away by not only the uniqueness of her niche service, but the timeliness as well. During this time of stillness and reflection, we are seeing a new breed of brides- girls who know what they want and are looking for ways to Get. It. Done.

We hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as we enjoyed having it!

The Rescue Kit Company interviews Jenn Leigh about her bridal coaching services.
(Risa + Jess) R + J: Tell us a little about yourself, and how you got started!
I’d love to!  I was a people pleaser my whole life and dimmed my light to feel safe and accepted because I feared being judged by others as being “too much” or “that girl” so I didn’t speak up. Without realizing it, I was giving my power away. I started my spiritual and personal development journey a couple years before getting engaged which helped me shift my perspective when I started planning my dream wedding and gave myself permission to fully express my desires without looking for validation and listening to others (except for my hubby, of course!) for the first time ever. My whole bridal experience was so fun and I knew it would be a disservice if I did not share the transformational tools I used to create my dream wedding with brides so that is when this business was born.

R + J: Your service is so unique. Will you give our readers an explanation of your process, and what your business offers? 
Ah thank you so much!  So once a bride finds me through social media or word of mouth we set up a free call or voice memo back and forth to see where they are at in the planning process and what they are struggling with.  From there if we feel like we are a good fit, they either sign up for one of my 1:1 coaching packages or a bridal SOS session depending on where they are in their planning and the level of support they desire.  I also offer group coaching programs throughout the year.

R + J: I know the first time we all spoke, the very first thought in my head was, "I wish you had been around when I got married!". How often do you hear that from people you meet who have already had a wedding?
This is one of the most common things I hear!  As previously mentioned, this service is very unique and many women have never heard of bridal coaching before.  When they hear more about what I do they realize they could have benefited from my services to attract their desires, feel joy and ease, and to navigate through family drama.

R + J: How early and/or often do you suggest brides meet with you? 
Ideally, it is recommended we start working together before they are actively looking for a venue so that we work through some of the mindset work that may be holding them back and we come up with their true desires.  However, it all depends on where the bride is at in her wedding planning when she finds me.  That is why I offer different monthly coaching packages as well as the SOS sessions for the bride who just needs someone to talk to for an unbiased opinion about something or she wants to feel less stressed and overwhelmed as her wedding is getting closer.

R + J: I would imagine that going into a wedding with a clear vision of what you want creates a great foundation for marriage. Do you get feedback from brides as they transition to newlyweds? 
Yes, 100%!  I know this to be true from my own experience and have heard some feedback from brides as well that the foundation created during the wedding planning carries over into the marriage and beyond.  I always tell my clients that this work will overflow into ALL areas of their life, not just their wedding planning.  That is why it is so powerful and is life changing!

R + J: As you know, our company values creating both empowerment and peace of mind for our customers. We know you share those same values! Why do you think they are both so important? 
Ah yes, I love how we share these values!  I believe that empowered women empower women.  This is so amazing because it is ultimately creating a beautiful ripple effect in the world which is so needed right now more than ever.  My mission is to empower brides to find their voice, shine bright, and step fully into their best selves so they can create the wedding of THEIR dreams...not someone else’s.  I love witnessing the aha moments brides get and how empowered they feel because I know how powerful this is as they allow themselves to put that energy out for the collective.  I think peace of mind is so important because when we give ourselves permission to do this work and gain clarity we no longer look for validation from others and we trust that we are making the right decision for us which is so freeing.  This allows the bride to feel peace of mind no matter what and she can walk confidently down the aisle in her dream dress knowing everything is falling into place exactly as it is supposed to.

R + J: Who would benefit from having you in their corner during the wedding planning process?

I work with brides in different areas of their wedding planning. Brides feeling stressed and overwhelmed with any aspect of wedding planning or do not know where to begin.  Brides that are people pleasers and are finding themselves getting caught up in listening to all the “should dos” and “supposed dos” they are hearing from others so they are losing sight of their dream wedding vision.  Brides that struggle with confidence, body image, and self acceptance so they are looking to shift their perspective so they can feel their best and be the most radiant bride. Ultimately, I help brides shine bright like their diamond!

R + J: Obviously, large weddings are on hold for the foreseeable future. How do you suggest brides best utilize your services during this time?
I suggest brides set up a free call so we can talk about what is coming up for them during these times and then we can see what will work out best for them and their situation.  They can also check out my podcast, The Blissful & Boujee Bride, join my facebook community, The Blissful & Boujee Bride Tribe to connect with other brides, and find me on Instagram @xoxojennleigh for inspirational content.

R + J: Anything else you would like to share?
I am so passionate about this work because I know how transformational it is.  Every bride deserves to have the wedding of her dreams, not someone else’s.  I believe that my own transformation throughout my wedding planning is an example of what’s possible so brides can see that they can feel their best and have their dream wedding too.  It is time for brides to find their voice, let go of self sabotage, and tap into their desires so they can create their wedding without settling!  Jess & Risa thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I truly appreciate it.  Both of you and The Rescue Kit Company are so wonderful!

We loved chatting with Jenn and learning about her unique and brilliant business! For more information about Jenn, visit her website!
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