How To Use Double Stick Tape On Your Wedding Day!

Rescue Tape

Double stick tape, or fashion tape, has long been a secret tool for wardrobe stylists everywhere. There are many varieties, but since we are kinda Type A around here, we went ahead and created our own. It's just the right amount of strong and sticky to get brides through a very long day! Weird fact: Rescue Tape's design inspiration actually comes from toupee tape. We wanted Rescue Tape to pull the double duty of not stressing the skin AND be able to keep everything in place at the same time. We love our double stick tape for its versatility, gentleness on the skin, and its perfect level of stickiness! 

Double stick tape is hands-down our most utilized tool in The Bride Kit, because it is infinitely adaptable for everyone in the wedding party. Read below for our top tips on who can use it and how. 

Rescue Tape by The Rescue Kit Company is a double sided, extra sticky, extra strong tape designed to keep clothing in place.

Let the problem solving begin!

 The Bride

 1. Cleavage and Strap Slippage

Believe it or not, your body can change up until the day of the wedding. Also, often times the proper undergarments are not tried with the gown, or last minute tailoring changes can throw things off with the final fit of a dress. Straps may loosen, deep V’s may gape, or finicky lace may go rogue! Use double stick tape to solve all these problems in a pinch.

Most likely there isn't a ton of time between putting on the dress and the next big thing (first look, walking down the aisle, pictures with the girls) and a not-quite-right fit can be stressful. Remember to take a deep breath and get your most calming bridesmaid to assist. If you have alcohol wipes from The Bride Kit at hand, use one to gently clean the area of skin where the tape will go. Allow that to dry and then affix one side of tape to either the skin or the garment. Remove the second side of the tape backing, and gently press the garment to the skin. You can always readjust, just keep in mind that the more you move the tape, the less sticky it will be.

2. The Veil vs. The Wind

Every bride wants that perfect picture of her veil blowing gently in the wind. But the wind doesn’t always cooperate, sometimes whipping the veil inelegantly around. Help make that perfect photo a reality by using double stick tape to place the veil exactly where you want it, and keep it there. Once photos are over, gently remove the tape and carry on!

3. No Snag Solution

One of the most common snags (pun intended!) on the wedding day happens to be the fabric of the skirt of a gown catching on shoes with embellishments. We’ve used double stick tape to wrap stones/crystals so you don’t lose the look of the shoe, and at the same time protecting the tulle from catching when you walk. This is your friendly reminder to put your entire look on before the big day and practice walking! 

Aisha Marshall, co-founder of Creative Label

Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom

1. Cleavage and Strap Slippage, Take 2

Bridesmaids are often so focused on the bride that they forget about their own look! Wrong bra? No bra? Forgot to alter the dress? No problem. Double stick tape works wonders to keep straps up, cleavage in place, and bridesmaids’ attention on the bride.

2. Fake a Hem

A last minute shoe change or forgetting to get alterations done can result in a too-long hem on floor length bridesmaids dresses. Create a last minute fake hem with double stick tape- simply place tape on the inside of the dress fabric, fold up, and party on! We absolutely recommend creating the hem with the garment lying flat (instead of on the body) so you can make sure the new hem is even.

3. Keep Slips Where They Belong

This is for the grandmas out there, or anyone keeping a sheer dress PG! Match the hem of the slip to the hem of the garment with a few strips of tape and keep things moving together. Some really great static spray can really help with this as well.

4. Necklace Adjustments

This is a great trick for the ladies who didn’t try their wedding jewelry on ahead of time. Use a small square of double stick tape on the back of a necklace and place it on your back to adjust the length and position. Pro tip: this also keeps clasp-heavy necklaces from spinning around!

5. Keep feet from slipping!

One of the benefits of being a wedding day stylist is that you see alllll the things that go wrong. One weird but true fact- lots of bridesmaids have shoes that don't fit correctly. We have found that putting a few strips of double stick tape inside the shoe under the ball and heel of the foot actually keeps feet from slipping around. Combine this with some anti-chafe balm and boom! You are dancing the night away.

 Groom and Groomsmen

1. Shirt Fix-Its

Use double stick tape to fix gaping between buttons, or just keep a shirt together should a button fall off. Informal wedding? Sometimes one button undone at the neck is too stuffy, but two is just a little too much…..use a small square on the shirt between buttons to get that just-right chilled out vibe.

2. Collar Management

Double stick tape is perfect for keeping collars down and where they belong for those formal photography shots. On the flip side....collars up is always a good time! Use a few strips on the inside of the collar to add extra stiffness to help keep those collars popped.

3. Goodbye, Floppy Belt Ends! 

Solving the age old problem of what to do with that extra bit of belt is one of our favorite double stick tape hacks. Take a strip of tape, attach it to the inside of the loose belt end, and press it firmly against the belt around the waist. Ta da! Instant improvement.

4. Makeshift Lint Remover

Wrapping the double stick tape around your fingers creates a super quick fix for lint removal (if the girls are monopolizing the lint roller in the bridal suite). 

5. No Quitters Allowed…..

A summer wedding often calls for loafers and no-show socks. Keep those socks from quitting by putting a strip of double stick tape on your heels, then pressing the socks firmly in place.

6. Tie Adjustments (especially for the tall men out there!) 

Use a square of double stick tape to hold the two pieces of your tie together, and then one more to stick the tie to your shirt- keeping everything effortlessly in place.

7. Fake a Hem, Take 2

The award for “Most Likely to Forget Alterations” often goes to Team Groomsmen. Fake a hem on pants or sleeves with double stick tape- simply place tape on the inside of the fabric, fold up, and pretend like you remembered all along!

Last but not least.....

Let’s not forget about our amazing vendors out there….they often will sneak a piece of tape or two as well! Here are five quick fixes for your team.

5 Rapid Fire Vendor Fix-Its:

  • Windy day and details going awry? Hand the tape off to your photographer to keep the invitation suite in place during detail shots.
  • Planner having a hard time getting a centerpiece item to stay in place? (i.e. tapered candles in candlestick) Ball up some tape and put in the bottom of candlestick and wrap the candle. 
  • Loose boutonniere? Fold up some tape and keep those petals in place. 
  • Broken barrette? Hand the tape to your hairstylist for a quick accessory fix. 
  • Loose ribbon wrapping bouquets? Secure the ribbon with double stick tape! 


Veil vs. Wind

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