The Rescue Kit Company

Blister & Chafe Balm


The Rescue Kit Company has collaborated with the original anti-chafe balm powerhouse, Body Glide, to create a balm just for brides, Body Glide For Brides. When applied preventatively, this balm will save you from uncomfortable blisters from new shoes, underarm and thigh chafing, skin irritation from sequins and dress adornments, and so much more! Sized perfectly to pass around the getting ready room, with plenty left over to send over to the groom and his groomsmen. Also a perfect size to toss in a bag for shoe fittings and to take on your honeymoon! A must have for every bride.

Protect your skin against rubbing that causes chafing, irritation and raw skin. Body Glide For Brides balm is sweat and water resistant – it keeps pores clog free by allowing sweat to escape and lets skin breathe. The effective and long lasting formula gives you all-day (and all night!) protection. Use liberally on feet, thighs, underarms, and anywhere you anticipate chafing or rubbing. Best used preventatively.

  • Not oily, never wet
  • No petroleum, no parabens, no phthalates
  • Made with allergen free, plant-derived ingredients
  • Vegan approved
  • Never tested on animals
  • Child safe
  • Wetsuit, clothing, and footwear safe
  • All-day Protection
  • Skin Safe
  • Sweat & Water Resistant

How To Use:

Before you get dressed apply generously and directly, from the stick, to the thighs, neck, feet, arms or anywhere your skin is rubbed the wrong way. Apply to intact skin before activity or anytime. Washes off with mild soap.

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