Styling Tools For a Flawless Outdoor Wedding

Post-Wedding Style Recap with Risa 

It was an honor to be the day-of dresser for Lauren and Blair on their big day. They had an elegant and beautifully executed desert resort wedding, and one of my favorite parts was how they incorporated their two sweet children into the ceremony. As a part of my full day styling package, I steam and prep all the wardrobe for every event happening the week of the wedding. I did the dry cleaning pickup and drop off, steamed all the welcome party and rehearsal garments, and made sure the couple had everything they needed for their wardrobe leading up to their wedding. 

Who: Lauren + Blair 

Getting Ready Location: The Andaz Resort Scottsdale, AZ

Ceremony + Reception Location: The ceremony and dinner service took place outdoors at The Andaz Resort Scottsdale, AZ. Dancing followed indoors in one of the ballrooms. 

When: April 2024 

Planner: Imoni Events 

What the Bride Wore: For the ceremony the bride wore a stretch crepe gown by Anne Barge (Style was Naomi and the color was Silk White). For the reception, she wore the Avani mini dress by Lovers and Friends. 

Wedding Party: No wedding party! 

Styling Tools Used: 

  • Rescue Tape: on the insoles of the Bride and  MOG’s shoes to keep their feet from sliding forward (this was something I hadn’t tried before, but it worked wonders according to the MOG! Storing this away for all the future weddings I work!), in the getting-ready room for the MOG’s jumpsuit straps that kept falling down, and for the planners, who needed something to keep place cards down because of the wind
  • Body Glide For Brides: on the bride’s feet when she did her wardrobe change so she could last in the same pair of shoes all night, also for dryness on the Bride’s hands/cuticles
  • Cotton towel (found in The Bride Kit): to clean the brother-of-the-Groom’s glasses (I didn’t have our lens cloth on me!) 
  • Scissors: to trim threads on multiple dresses, to cut hanger loops and tags, to trim Rescue Tape
  • Deodorant Removing Sponge: to remove makeup from the Groom’s suit and tiny specs of lint 
  • Lint Roller: to remove more substantial lint from the Ring Bearer’s tiny suit 
  • Steamer: for touch-ups on the Bride’s gown after transporting from Dry Cleaner (we had it professionally pressed which I always recommend when time permits) 
  • Bandaids: to give to the Bride in case she blistered, but Body Glide likely prevented that from happening
  • Tissues: it was warm out so I used them to blog foreheads, and of course we used them for all the happy tears 
  • Dress Weights: the Bride actually brought her own veil weights, which was SO smart. I strategically placed them on her beautiful cathedral veil that had the most intricate applique work. It seemed to be a great solution on a windy day, and you never would have known they weren’t part of the veil since they were delicate pearls. Genius! 
  • Personal Cooling Fans: for people standing in the sun and anyone who may have felt lightheaded 
  • White Gloves: to handle the Bride’s gown 
  • Reusable Straw: to keep the Bride’s lipstick in place 
  • Rolling Rack
  • Hangers

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