Wedding Day Styling Tips and Tools for the Groom and Groomsmen

On the wedding day all eyes are turned towards the bride, but we have seen just as many wardrobe emergencies with the gents as we have with the ladies (see the story at the end of this blog post!). Fortunately, we've got everyone covered! Read on for a description of the essential wedding day styling tools we've added to The Groom Kit, how to use them all, and the products from The Bride Kit that should probably be shared with the suit-wearing crew.

The Groom Micro Kit by The Rescue Kit Company

Shoe Care Kit
This kit contains black and neutral shoe polish, two brushes, a polishing cloth and a shoe horn, all packaged in a clear zipper pouch. 

Sweat Pads
A pair for the ceremony....and another for the reception. We've got your nerves covered.

Collar Stays
Some extras to keep your collars looking as sharp as you or to pass around to your groomsmen!

Sneaker Wipes
Since sneakers on your wedding day are taking the style world by storm, we've got you covered in case you need to clean them up for the big day. Your kicks will look as good as new! Also perfect for casual pre-wedding activities or to pack for your honeymoon.

Black and Brown Shoe Laces
Never underestimate the importance of an extra pair of shoe laces when you need them. We've included both black and brown laces for any pre-wedding activities or to pass along to a groomsman in need. We have even seen laces used as belts in a pinch!

Can you guess the most-forgotten item by grooms? You've got it! Somehow socks get left behind more often than you'd expect. Peds are great for keeping feet comfortable and sweat-free, no matter the style of shoe.

Lens Cloth
Make those group pics with sunnies even better or wipes some happy tears from eye glasses with our custom lens cloth.

Sharing Is Caring....
We know time is of the essence when it comes to getting everyone ready for photos or to walk down the aisle. In our experience, everyone needs the same thing, at the exact same time! In The Bride Kit we have included items that are in multiples or full-sized so they can handle the entire wedding party (and whoever else is hanging around!). The items we see shared between the getting ready rooms and used most often by photographers and coordinators before photos are:

Static Schmatic
Static cling is no one's friend. Whether it's silk sticking to bare legs, dry hair going awry, or groomsmen's pants not hanging quite right, static can be a huge bummer for both comfort and photography. Make sure to have this on hand directly before photography starts and prior to walking down the aisle!

Body Glide
New shoes don't discriminate when it comes to happens to the the gals AND the guys! This is one of the most common products we see shared amongst the whole wedding party. Make sure to apply before the skin gets irritated or even worse, before it breaks. This product works best if applied preventatively and can even loosen a sticky zipper on trousers or a dress. A true miracle product. 

Tom & Sheri's Iron In A Bottle
Wrinkles, be gone! The best way to use this product is to have your coordinator, stylist, or point person hang everyone's wedding day attire up first thing in the morning and give each outfit some quick sprays, with a shake or a smooth of the material. Once everyone is dressed, one more pass over to get rid of any leftover wrinkles will make your photography look picture perfect!

Flint Lint Roller
This one kinda goes without saying, but getting lint off of suits will make a huge difference in those close ups. We love Flint's ingenious design to quickly and easily access the sticky paper and then just as quickly close it up so the roller doesn't stick to the rest of the items in your bag.

Stain Removing Wipes
Both our all purpose wipes (by Hate Stains) and our delicate fabric wipes (by Silk and Clean) come in handy five packs so they are portable, but are saturated enough that they can handle one big clean up job or a few simultaneous small ones. And although they are designed for fabrics, we've definitely used them to clean all sorts of surfaces for those important detail shots!

This handy material is super sticky on one side, and super soft on the other. It can be cut with scissors to fit different sizes as needed to prevent chafing, or make slightly too-big shoes fit better. Be sure to place the sticky side of the moleskin against the shoe or garment that is causing irritation. The soft side should always be touching the skin! This product is great used in conjunction with Body Glide to keep feet happy in new or slightly big shoes.

From Risa, co-founder of The Rescue Kit Company and wedding day stylist:

"As a stylist, I've seen my fair share of fashion emergencies. When we are minutes from heading down the runway or the aisle, having the right tools on hand to solve problems is paramount! This was the driving factor in creating The Rescue Kit Company. Everyone deserves to have the styling tools they need on hand to solve wardrobe problems in a snap.

For this one particular wedding, we had worked for months choosing the perfect custom silk lined and monogrammed custom suit for the groom. This destination wedding was an extravagant three day affair with multiple parties and events and many moving parts. On the day of the wedding, as I was preparing the bridesmaids for photography in the bride's getting ready suite, we received an urgent text from the best man that the groom's suit wasn't there. He had, in fact, forgotten it at home. We were about ten minutes from starting photography which would lead directly into the start of the ceremony.

I immediately put my assistant on calling local suit stores while I quickly arranged for the groom to borrow the suit of a groomsman. We gave the borrowed suit a quick spray with our wrinkle release spray and put sweat pads into the borrowed shirt so we could start his detail shots.

With an incredible stroke of luck we were able to find one open suit store, with a single suit in the groom's general size! With no time to tailor, we rushed the suit back and created a quick hem with our double stick tape, did a once-over with the wrinkle release spray and the lint roller, and sent him to finish photography so he could head down the aisle.

While it wasn't perfect, having styling tools on hand made a huge difference in the photography and in the bride and groom's state of mind and stress level! While our kits won't magically make a suit appear, it is our mission at The Rescue Kit Company to make sure that everyone getting married can relax and enjoy the day, knowing we've done the hard work for you!"

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