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Silk and Delicate Fabric Stain Removing Wipes by Silk and Clean


5-pack of individual wipes for removing stains from silk or delicate fabrics.

Silk & Clean is a unique cleaning tissue, that instantly removes most stains from silk and other luxury fabrics. It works much like dry cleaning — but only the stain is treated. Silk & Clean dissolves oil, grease and other stains easily from the fabric. The chemical agent used in the Silk & Clean solution is kind to the fabric, human skin and to the environment. 

Silk & Clean is highly effective on oil-based stains as butter, mayonnaise, make-up and oil.

For water-based stains such as coffee, tea, soy sauce or ketchup, wipe first with a dampened cloth to dissolve and remove colorant and then finish off with Silk & Clean. 

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