Powerhouse Women 2020 x The Rescue Kit Company


The MVP products in action at The Powerhouse Women 2020 Virtual Event
video credit: The Good Vibe Media

Powerhouse Women Founder, Lindsey SchwartzPowerhouse Women Founder, Lindsey Schwartz, gives out her famous hand taps

Who out there is still riding the Powerhouse Women high?? If you were (virtually) there you know exactly what we are talking about! If you weren't, well...word on the street is that they're releasing the link so you can still get in on the action! Head to their Instagram to stay tuned for details on that. 

Tissues headed out to the Powerhouse Women VIPs

Tissues...for the snotty, happy tears...heading out to the VIPs

We are so thrilled to be part of this inspiring and uplifting group of women. Last year Risa was on the Style & Confidence panel and our company was just barely making a mark. We were lucky enough though, to provide the tote bags for all the VIPs and it was really our first appearance with our brand. This year, we really inserted ourselves with actual product! The Rescue Kit Company contributed to the speaker bags, the VIP swag bag, we were featured in their virtual pop-up shop, AND Risa had the immense honor of both dressing and introducing Powerhouse Women founder, Lindsey Schwartz. Jess was of course, tuning in virtually and hand-tapping like a champ throughout the day. 

 Cofounder of The Rescue Kit Company, Risa Kostis
Risa introduces Lindsey at the start of the event

True to form, Risa was wearing a multitude of hats during the event. She arrived with our newest kit, The Closet Kit, to help out with everything style and wardrobe related. When you are on set, having a kit like The Closet Kit is crucial! With every styling tool in one place, it makes it easy to feel relaxed and prepared for any emergency or problem that pops up so you can focus on the tasks at hand. When you are a stylist, the question is not "if" when it comes to style emergencies...so we are always curious to know which product is going to get its moment to shine.

Iron In A Bottle by Tom and Sheri's

Wrinkle release spray for the win! Iron In A Bottle by Tom & Sheri's
(photo credit: Round Lens Photography /video credit: The Good Vibe Media)

Well...we had a clear MVP for this event! With all the transitioning between sitting and standing combined with the intimacy of the camera lens and the type of fabric Lindsey was wearing, wrinkles were obvious and everywhere. Risa used our tried and true wrinkle release spray on repeat and it was nothing short of miraculous. 

 Risa Kostis gets the wrinkles out of Lindsey Schwartz's jumpsuitSit. Stand. Spray. Repeat.

Risa is a true fashion girl scout, ALWAYS prepared. Having worked in the style and fashion industry for over 15 years it's hard to surprise or impress her, but even she couldn't get over the efficacy and speed at which the wrinkle release worked!

The Powerhouse Women "girl gang"Creative Label founders Des + Aisha, Lindsey, Risa and Mary 
Some of the Powerhouse Women "girl gang"

Here's to all the hardworking girls out there and the products that help keep problems at bay, so they can stay focused on getting after their dreams.


risa + jess


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 (Powerhouse Women event photography by Fully Alive Photography)